Hey, I’m back. AM I BACK?

I’m updating just so that old whine from a year-and-a-half ago isn’t the top thing one sees when they visit this web site.

I am pretty damned grateful that anyone would read, let alone share, my posts here, which I should have taken out in the backyard and burned like Bill Watterson claims one should do with their first 1000 oil paintings. Welp, Old Bill is still hiding in the woods and setting fires at the worst time in history to do so, and I’m still hiding in plain sight at the bookstore and contemplating life’s terrors.

I used to spend way too much time organizing this shitty blog and I think I might take it easy and pop back on from time to time, not sweating THE ALMIGHTY ARCHIVES so much. You can click through the old junk in the sidebar if you’d like but I’ll warn you: it is a mixture of poetry, prose, shitposts, and a bunch of autobiographical gnashing of teeth. I probably stand by about half the prose, a quarter of the political ideas and none of the poetry.

It’s too late at night to do anything else right now, and I’ve already started too many paragraphs with “I.” It is all about me though, baby. Talking about myself is the only thing I was ever good at.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and if you happen to come across a weird porny Doctor Who parody, uh, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


For a year I wrote and rewrote and proofread. It was a good exercise, and it wasn’t for nothing, but it’s over.

After seeing what I’m competing with (beautiful hot garbage by pancake people) and realizing humanity’s short and shortening attention span, I surrender. It’s not worth the angst or my time.

One cannot hope to win against the Almighty Algorithm. I’ll still write, in much shittier form, on social media, and I’ll get such a payout. Yuge. Redirecting people here was an act of futility. Hitting them where they live always gets me the juice.

Read the archives or don’t. This will be up until I get tired of paying the hosting bill or civilization collapses.

Love you, baby. See you on the flip side.