ICE, ICE, Baby

I’m not a journalist, I’m an asshole. Granted, there’s not much difference between the two. I don’t get paid for this (except in dopamine) and I don’t have to observe the style guide, ethics, or minimum standards of decency. This is, like, my opinion, mannn.

That’s why I find it sorta strange when my feet get held to the fire for communicating something important. For example, yesterday I informed my fellow citizens that the local cops were hassling Hispanic people in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I didn’t characterize it as anything but bothering. I didn’t say it was an ICE raid. 

I still got called hysterical and irresponsible, even after I conceded that maybe the current ICE raids we’re so concerned about haven’t surpassed the level of Obama’s. I don’t have that information, but I’d love to see it. Part of me wants to go ahead and believe the recent police action is unprecedented, since everything else has been, but I’m also a fan of facts. That said, even if the current raids are at or below the previous rate (I seriously doubt this), it’s good to shine light on the subject.

There’s no level of stop-and-frisk I’m willing to tolerate, people. No papers please bullshit in America, please. Even if someone isn’t getting thrown in the back of a paddy wagon, it’s not a problem to point out the inherent issues when the authorities profile people based on appearance. This seems very basic to me, but I guess it’s a big shocker to some Americans.

Over the past few days, I’ve reached a critical mass where moderates and libertarians have stopped tolerating my commie pinko beliefs. As far as I can tell, the breaking points have been their own xenophobia and love of authority. The authority part really blows my mind with the libertarians, but they’ll also slap a Gadsden flag sticker on their vehicle right next to their Blue Lives Matter decal, so I shouldn’t be surprised. To steal a quote, “One day I’ll own this boot on my neck” (Stevens 2017). I’ve seen others appropriate the alt-right’s cuck to ironically refer to these folks as liberty cucks, which I love for doing to language what the very term implies.

All I’m doing here is living up to my initial pledge, which was to give you the view from Red State Hell. As a father of three with a full time job, that often amounts to minutiae, but it’s my minutiae. Sometimes life comes to greet me in the bookstore, but more often than not, I spend my shifts dealing with dust and widows. I might catch a budding fascist on the weekends when the Hill Folk come down for their weekly trip to town, but these days it’s been mighty slow. Amalgamated Books & Coffee Incorporated can’t keep up with the competition, and many white supremacists don’t read. The stars aren’t aligned for political confrontation at the service desk right now.

Until the shit hits the fan, I’m going to deliver my turd nuggets one Tweet, one post, and one screed at a time. Forgive me if I don’t exercise due diligence and call the police station in an attempt to determine if they were actually hassling immigrants, as if that would be productive. I’ll go ahead and trust my sources, whom I’ve known to be dependable for years. I promise, however, that if I witness such an affair, there will be video.

That’s the weekend update. I made it out alive and with eight fewer Facebook “friends,” so I have that going for me, which is nice. I may have something for you tomorrow if State Senator Jason Rapert will answer my messages. Until Theocratic Arkansas lawmakers recognize the separation of church and state, make mine Marvel.