Take Me to Church

I’m reneging a bit on my pledge to take Sunday off, but after yesterday’s fun arguing draconian Arkansas law with fundamentalists, I figured I’d briefly address my adoring public.

My website traffic is up, so either the drama paid off, or someone made good on their threats to, as they said, “Post your site in the church bulletin.”

Good morning, Arkansas. You may be checking on mobile, from your pew, so I’ll provide a couple of links here for your convenience:

2016 Archives by Arbitrary-Ass Category
2017 Archives Organized Whimsically

Please view them in their entirety. This will really tear me apart, when all my secrets I posted on the wide Internets for everyone to view are revealed. If you really want to stab me in the guts, write a 500 word essay on what your least-favorite entry means to you, and I’ll publish it on the site.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Sabbath.

PS –

It was really hard choosing between this and the big Heritage not Hate Confederate flag on their profile, but I think this says more about their “Christian” demeanor. Since they identified themselves in their friendly comments yesterday, I assume it’s okay to post their name now. Whatever church’s doors you darken in Conway, Arkansas, must really be proud to have you as parishioners, guys.