The Ultimate Solution

The constant Berlin Airlift-type situation will stimulate the shipping industry, leading to employment opportunities for everyone. Learn to Fly!

Has it been difficult deciding which particular states you’ll have to eject from the union in order to spark Neoliberal Spring? That’s because every state had mixed election results. The geopolitical scientists here at The Bob Talbot dot com have come up with a county-by-county solution, which provides a much more accurate picture of where you may live without having to interact with the quarter of America who didn’t vote for your candidate.

Granted, the results aren’t 100% in any direction, but having the political majority in those counties should make it much easier to round up your opponents and politely suggest they relocate to the wide open spaces indicated in red. Don’t worry about the largest group of Americans, the half of all eligible voters who didn’t show up at the polls. If they couldn’t be bothered to do that, they certainly won’t get in your way now.