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Type @ and their name to tag a “friend” (frenemy/enemy/acquaintance/coworker/stalker/bartender who won’t text you back/family member/racist family member/guy from High School you haven’t spoken to in 20 years who posts memes about “$hillary Cunton”) and send a dopamine nugget of titillating joy into the wilted remains of their cerebral cortex, pre-formatted here for your copy and paste convenience.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

[T]om Ripley:
[M]arge Sherwood:
[D]ickie Greenleaf:
[M]eredith Logue:
[F]reddie Miles:
[P]eter Smith-Kingsley:
[H]erbert Greenleaf:
[I]nspector Roverini:
[A]lvin MacCarron:
[A]unt Joan:
[C]ol. Verrechia of the carabinieri:

A Serbian Film 

J]eca’s mother:
[J]eca’s granny:
[a] doctor:
[K]eeper #1:
[K]eeper #2:
[K]indergarten teacher:
[P]regnant Woman:


[n]arrator and benevolent advisors (Easter Bunny, Gabby, tourist, sleigh driver, Joey Fingers, FedEx driver):
[A]rthur Belt:
[N]orth’s father:
[N]orth’s mother:
[J]udge Buckle:
[T]exas father:
[T]exas Mother:
A]mish father:
A]mish mother:
A]laskan father:
A]laskan mother:
A]laskan grandfather:
D]onna Nelson:
[W]ard Nelson:
[L]aura Nelson:
[B]ud Nelson:
[G]overnor Ho:
[M]rs. Ho:
[m]useum curator:
[C]hinese mother:
[d]efense attorney:
[p]iano player:
[b]aseball coach:

A Christmas Carol, A One-Man Performance Starring Sir Patrick Stewart


Triumph of the Will

[A]dolf Hitler:
[M]ax Amann:
[M]artin Bormann:
[W]alter Buch:
[W]alter Darré:
[O]tto Dietrich:
[S]epp Dietrich:
[H]ans Frank:
[J]oseph Goebbels:
[J]akob Grimminger:
[H]ermann Göring:
[R]udolph Hess:
[R]einhard Heydrich:
[K]onstantin Hierl:
[H]einrich Himmler:


[M]ichael’s Girl:

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