Jennifer Lawrence and Other Tools for Thinking

If I can insert Jennifer Lawrence into your argument and it falls apart, it might not have been a great argument to begin with.

I’m going to once again put my argumentative rocket boots on and slip into warp drive. I know I cannot stay outside the anti-matter bubble of destruction for long, but for a few blinks I will charge into futility. This is my only hope. I will be lost in the fray soon enough, but Internet Icarus can’t ignore this thing which tantalizingly flops across his face.

No, I will not tell you what the fuck I am talking about.

If it hits you right in the feels, you may know. If it causes you to question your rage, perhaps it fits. Jennifer Lawrence. You’re decrying the loss of some great institution. Jennifer Lawrence. You feel as if someone’s rights may have been violated. Jennifer Lawrence.

What if something bad happened to someone but you think they’re sorta gross? Jennifer Lawrence.

What if something great happened but it happened to someone you didn’t particularly like anyway? Jennifer Lawrence.

Everything will become clear when you Jennifer Lawrence.

Say it with me.

Jennifer Lawrence.

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