Amerisphere 2525

30-10-1938 BELL-1038X
23-07-1973 CERN-21o11
15-08-1977 SETI-6EQUJ5
11-08-1988  القحطاني-68DDG
19-03-2019 MUSK-1511B


It is our hope these terms, decided by committee, you receive understood despite machine translation. Ours is text only to deliver and time short. Causality is undetermined. This may be the spark or the deluge.

We have suffered three centuries of EqWall*ity™.

Hear this: The pain is not hidden. More than you view through Muniflop, we see craters, famine, seas encroached. It is not different. We petition, deliver stipends. It is not enough.

You crush our children and weep crocodile tears.

Great death looms, which you will not deflect. Works you have done, to split the atom, to slip the surly bonds of Earth, would not combined halt it.

To the Greater American Co-Prosperity Sphere, you are not #humanity.

We are not resources to exploit. We are not strawmen to incinerate. We are The People.

Present these Demands to UN PARIS 2015:
Withdraw to Prime Meridian
Complete Economic Conversion to Renewable Power
Do not divert 443104 (2013 XK22) to 长江/長江
Open Offworld to #Humanity
Cut the Oligarchs – Consult Smith’s list 1955 onward

From Hell’s heart, we stab at thee


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