This is not a political post

On this site, I keep my political opinions to shittily crafted allegorical tales starring children with obvious pseudonyms. My friends know that I have no shortage of crappy ideas about how the world should work, and those are best shat out elsewhere. Thing is, I’m not a political scientist. I’m often wrong, or just as correct as the average guy, which is not correct at all.

This particular political season is doing me in, along with the rest of America, and it is an understatement to say that I am preoccupied. In all actuality I am fucking disturbed and I think that many of you are as well.
I know you are, because I see the pain and fear which often blossoms into rage.

Today while I was ranting, as I do, someone pointed out that perhaps we could focus some of this energy on something we control more than .0000004% of.

This notion is so beautiful in its simplicity. I will expound on it a bit further. How about doing something for someone, anyone, large or small, including ourselves? How about focusing on what we can do now, today, not excepting all those other worries (which are obviously important), but in addition to them?

So here is what I did.

Years ago, during a crisis I have forgotten because there are so fucking many, someone posted a list of reputable charities. I have given to this one before and I thought that today might be a great time to do it again. Here’s the description from their site:

Did you know homeless families now represent the majority of the homeless population of DC? Protect healthy child development and happy childhood memories while children are living in shelter – learn more about the Homeless Children’s Playtime Project at

So that’s what I did today. Oh, and I spent time with my wife, my children, my in-laws, and my mother. Gina’s folks brought over a huge basket of vegetables fresh from the garden. I prepared lunch. I shared this. After I hit publish, I’m going to play Lego with Cora, or Play-Doh if she insists.

I’m not telling you what to do. I’ve tried that and have thus far been unsuccessful.

There are people, though, who have great interest in getting you to talk about them every waking minute to the point of breakdown, and that’s what I would kindly request you consider not doing. Then, with that sliver of free time, engage in another thing. That’s all.

It’s so small, but it’s also everything.

One thought on “This is not a political post”

  1. Thanks Bobby I think I’ll try to forget about those conceited people that want me to spend my time thinking about them(which makes me very angry) and have happy thoughts today.

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