A Blast from the Past

Oh Great Meteor
we are impatient
your justice is sluggish
we beg for release
from bombs
from blogs
from fear of death
from longing for its peace

Oh Great Meteor
our annoyances grand and small
from the property taxes
to the tack in the hall
the one that barely reaches
through the carpet
but when we get the hammer
it is gone
(for now)
When will you bring your hammer?

Oh Great Meteor
it has been much too long
the great beasts you felled, rest
as dusty furniture
in underfunded tombs
while we argue their origin
in crowded classrooms
and we yearn for your burn
we ache for overpressure

Oh Great Meteor
we beg of you, hear
our hearts hammering in the night
our tight chests clutched in fear
at bank account totals
at yearly reviews
at TSA lines
what they said on The News
and the news and the news
and the news and the news
and the sleep, interrupted
and the nightmare
and you

Oh Great Meteor
Oh when will you hear?
Do we speak the wrong tongue,
crying to your great ear?
“exaudi orationem meam”
is one that they say
will you bring down the fire?
will you bring it today?
will you boil off the water
at the bottom
of the slide
where my favorite hat rests
on the Jurassic Park ride
and light it aflame
as you blast it unstuck
from years of it hiding
in the dank theme park muck
will you roast off the topsoil
from the graves in the earth
rip it down to the mantle
as our planet gives birth
to the cinders of things
that we wanted to keep
to the rubble of worry
to the ashes of sleep
to the fear of not knowing
and the fear that we do

Oh, Meteor, Great One
We beg this of you.